The necessity of using suitable safety shoes

Safety shoes or work shoes are one of the most important equipment used to increase the safety factor, personal protection and prevent injuries in the workplace in factories and large industrial places, operational projects and many power generation units and industrial equipment. Just as work clothes have a special priority in saving people’s lives, safety shoes also have the same security as safety clothes in some industrial centers and factories. Leg injuries can be very severe and dangerous and can completely disable a person. According to research conducted by many centers related to the safety of workers’ lives in the world, it has been determined that many employers fail to provide safety shoes for their workers and this causes many risks for these people.

According to the occupational health and safety requirements for safety shoes, employers must take the necessary measures to provide standard safety shoes to protect against foot injuries, otherwise they will be prosecuted, because If it is not prepared and used, the judicial and legal authorities can pursue this issue. All these cases indicate the importance of using and providing safety shoes for workers and people who work in dangerous and industrial situations.

Why should we use safety shoes?

It is very important to take care of workers’ feet and fingers against environmental hazards and injuries. These risks can be such as heavy objects falling on the feet, crushing, stepping on sharp objects such as nails, etc., falling of chemicals or flammable materials on the feet, tearing shoes, not using construction equipment and tools properly. heavy vehicle and… All these cases can cause irreparable effects and damage to people and workers.

What are safety shoes and how are they made?

Safety shoes are shoes that are produced, designed and made for use in work and industrial environments. Most of these shoes are equipped with steel armor in the front of the shoes, which prevent the toes from being injured when heavy items and objects fall. In order for these shoes to be a good protector against risks and injuries, their stitching and design is done differently from other shoes. In addition to these cases, great care has been taken in the preparation of these shoes in relation to the ease of using them, because if the shoes are well and properly designed, they will protect the body skeleton and spine well.

When a person wears inappropriate shoes for a long time, he can suffer from spine diseases, eye pain and headaches. Safety shoes are made of strong and thick leather, which have good resistance and protection. Nylon and polyester can be mentioned among other materials used in the preparation and production of safety shoes. Many manufacturers also increase safety and protection by adding additional materials to it such as steel and composite in the front parts of the shoe.

The most important features of suitable safety shoes

The right safety shoes should be able to include some features in order to be included in the category of standard shoes. The most important of these are:

  • Ease of using it for a long time and no fatigue
  • Protecting one’s fingers from falling objects
  • It is slow to break and slow to tear
  • Leg and body protection against electric shock
  • Protecting feet against moisture and water
  • Being resistant to fire and sharp materials
  • And…

Safety shoes suitable for any work environment

The shoes that are designed and made for one work environment may not be suitable for another industrial environment, so it is very important to prepare and use shoes that are suitable for the desired work environment and the activities that people do in it. Certainly, in a place where objects fall and work with heavy equipment, the risks are different from an environment where chemicals and acids are used, therefore, considering the environmental conditions where people work and preparing safety shoes suitable for that environment can help prevent It plays a very important role in life risks.

Safety shoes resistant to electric shock

People and employees who work in industrial environments where the possibility of electric shock is high must use insulated shoes against electricity. These people work with high voltage circuits and machines, so they need their work clothes and especially their shoes to be insulated against electrical hazards. In this case, the use of electrically insulated safety shoes with non-conductive and impact-resistant soles and heels is one of the important priorities of these people, and the employers of these environments should keep these things in mind and provide them with suitable shoes.

Safety shoes suitable for industrial places

Large industrial places and factories where heavy tools and equipment are used, due to the presence of various risks such as objects falling and people colliding with machines, the use of steel toe safety shoes is considered an important priority.

Safety shoes suitable for places with sharp objects

Dangerous industrial places and factories and places where there are a lot of explosive materials and objects require workers and people who work in that environment to use safety shoes resistant to these objects. These shoes are also called anti-nail shoes. If people use normal shoes in these places, sharp objects can tear the shoes and injure the feet. In the structure of this type of shoes, they use a steel plate in the sole part of the shoe, which increases its safety.

Safety shoes resistant to cold and moisture

Some people work in places where their feet are damaged by cold and humidity. In addition to making people unable to work, cold and humidity can cause various diseases in these people in the long run. In this case, the use of boots and thermal insulation safety shoes is one of the necessities of these places. These safety shoes are made of leather resistant to water and humidity.

Safety shoes resistant to slippery surfaces

People who work in work environments such as the food industry, automotive industry, or healthcare environments need to use shoes that are resistant to slippery surfaces. These shoes have soles that minimize the possibility of people slipping and make it easy for these people to work in their work environment.

Suitable safety shoes against heat and metals

People who work in industrial environments and factories with high heat and molten materials, such as welding factories, foundries, mines, etc., need to use shoes to protect their feet from extreme heat and molten materials that may be spilled on the ground.