All kinds of fabric for work clothes

The work clothes produced in Pars Ten Ara Company are produced in different types of fabrics. Including:

  • Viscose polyester 35-65%
  • Polyester cotton 30-70% (70% cotton 30% polyester)
  • Polyester cotton
  • Thin stretch cotton polyester fabric (70% cotton, 28% polyester, 2% elastane (stretch))
  • ۱۰۰% linen fabric

These fabrics are produced and distributed in various weights for different weather conditions:

  • ۳۳۰ specific moderate and cold grams
  • ۲۹۰ grams for mild and warm weather
  • ۲۲۰ grams for hot and humid weather

The work clothes produced in Pars Ton Ara company are sewn according to the order and according to the size. In addition, according to your order, the company logo is embroidered or printed on the front and back of the clothes. Also, the shebarang tape on the back of the linen is sewn on the clothes with Refax 600 meters per night as per the request.